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Android Outlook App w/ Office 365 - Have to keep entering password

Hey Everyone.


Every couple days or so, my Outlook Andoid app logs me out of my Godaddy Office 365 account. Emails will still pop up in the notification bar on my phone, but when I tap to open the Outlook app to read them, it makes me enter my password via a Godaddy login page. This is annoying as the built in email app for android does not require the password to be re-entered. Is there a way to turn off logouts? 



Helper VI

Hello @lukea

I've found for you a solution:

  1. login to exchange admin center with admin credentials.
  2. navigate to mobile > mobile device mailbox policies, create a new policy > tick allow mobile devices that don’t fully support these to synchronize > untick require sign-in after the device has been inactive for (minutes).
  3. navigate to recipients > mailboxes, choose the mailbox > edit > mailbox features > mobile devices > view details > mobile device mailbox policy > browse > choose the newly created policy and then save.

Here it is the original link


I hope it will help you.

Good luck.



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It seems that the Outlook Admin settings have changed.  I'm not sure this fix still applies.  It makes perfect logical sense that it is a settings issue, but I cannot find the dialogs described in this thread in the Admin Center.   GoDaddy has been unable to help me (or anyone else) solve the Android login issue and won't acknowledge or fix this issue.  Any other ideas?

Has anybody found a solution to this problem yet?  I just switched over to GoDaddy and this issue is very frustrating.  I ask GoDaddy for help and they just tell me to talk to Microsoft.  I try to contact MS's support and it keeps redirecting me to GoDaddy's page.  Which makes sense since GODADDY ARE THE PEOPLE WE'RE PAYING MONEY TO and they should be able to get the solution from MS and pass it along to their customers rather than sending us to wait in another tech support queue.


Or maybe I'm the one taking the crazy pills . . .

Our android phones hold the password for about a month, then I have to reset the password as the admin in GoDaddy and reset passwords on all devices.

A royal pain in the neck.

You need to fix this ASAP. This is horrible and is a massive nuisance even single day of my life. I have 6 accounts just for me that I use everyday and multiple times a day I need to login to each one because of this ridiculous glitch in your system.


There is no reason why I have to login even once per day let alone 3-5 times a day and sometimes it gets lost in some infinite loop of prompting me to login and it never logs in. It is the single most frustrating day to day thing I have to do. Please fix this. 

this might help. I finally found someone at GoDaddy who could provide some help. if you are ever caught in an infinite loop of login death then try this and it might work. it helped me.




Has anybody found a solution to this problem?  My company just switched over to GoDaddy Office 365 and this is a very frustrating issue.  GoDaddy's support keeps referring me to Microsoft saying it's their problem.  Then I try to find the info to contact MS's tech support and they point me back to GoDaddy's support page.  Which makes sense, because GoDaddy IS THE SERVICE PROVIDER WE'RE PAYING MONEY TO and they should be finding out the solution to this problem from MS and be able to pass the fix along to their customers rather than telling us to go wait in a different tech support line.


Or maybe I'm the one taking crazy pills.  Either way, this is a problem I'd like resolved.

Getting Started

There are multiple threads with many viewers complaining about this issue at the following links.  The most help I've received was when I engaged in a tech support chat session with GoDaddy and sent them the link. The still didn't address the issue, but at least they seemed a bit interested.   Anyone that reads this thread should chat with GoDaddy's tech support and send them the hyperlinks to all similar threads.  Other GoDaddy community threads on this topic are: