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Can't create an email forwarding account

I already have three "real" e-mail accounts (business e-mail) with my Godaddy domain.  Paying for them.

I am also supposed to have an E-mail forwarding pack of up to 100 accounts (0 used).

I want to create a new free account that will forward e-mails to a business e-mail account in the same domain, but I get the following message:

"This domain is set up with another email type. All accounts must use the same type."


What can I do?

Helper II
Helper II

Hi  rmichaud ,


Can you go to your workspace control center,  hover over your email name,

then a pop out box appears,  once it has,  click edit,  and then add an email in the field

that will receive your email. 


Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately in my Workspace Conrol Center I don't have any e-mail address.  I have three e-mail addresses created in my "Godaddy Business E-mail".  The original package said it only included forwarding accounts, and I needed real ones, so, besides my original pack ("Email Forwarding - 100 Pack"), I bought the business e-mail.


Now I want to create one or two a forwarding accounts to forward to my business e-mails and I get these errors

One I try to creat an account with my own domain, I get the message "Domain is not available!", so then I try to creat a forwarding account (clic "forwarding") and it is then when I get the other message.


So I am trapped here.  Any other idea?

Lol,  OMG I thought I was the only one that had a difficult time understanding how to use that feature.   Ok so what I figured out from using it was how to assign the forwarding to your work center control panel then once you have done that then you should be able to use your email forwarding by editing in the work space control center.


       In the next week I will be working in it and will update you on how it goes for me,

 I have  62 email accounts,  and the ones not being used have lots of space, and the ones

being used don't,  so I will be working inside that area,  and dread it.


    I have some forwarding emails,  but I find it less complicated to add a email in the "copy email to field"   

OK... Thanks.


So did you find out how to do it?