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Creating System Email accounts

I have the need for various system emails to come from different email addresses.  Alias's don't seem to work as those are for inbound emails, not outbound.


Is there a way to do this?


So, I might have a "Password_reset..." and a "Reminder" email address...   Replies can all come back to the same account... just trying to distinguish the "Sender"


Any suggestions on how to obtain that?


I can't seem to even override the account name on the email (same email address, but a different name that appears).

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To help me to understand can you elaborate on what system you have sending out the emails? On the face it seems that the system could use any email address as the "sending" email without that email address being an actual address with any responses landing in a separate catchall address? There are some issues with email systems and how some spoofed email addresses are treated so you have to be a bit careful with that sometimes.

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