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E-mail Delivery problem tools tells my domain rDNS- reverse dns is missing.

We are hosted our domain in godaddy server. Last one and half year we are facing email delivery issue to receipt. every week at least 4 to 5 calls will be done to customer care  and every call will be minimum 50 minutes. 


Issue: email are not getting delivery to destination. Even no bounce back massage. This issue is only for selective 5 to 10 domain around the world. all the issue facing domain admin's added my domain in their white list. 


all the  third part tools tells my domain rDNS- reverse dns is missing. But godaddy agent not ready to hear what it is. 


Godaddy always forcing me to purchase some thing. every time my calls arrive they promote me to purchase some product to resolve the issue with some promise. After the purchase is done, a agent will appear and ask the story from baby born. Still now i have purchase 5 products. still issue exist. 


Today one agent suggest some settings.  After implementing the change suddenly all the email communication got stopped. Am  quite surprised to see this type agents. Am not blaming him (because he sales agent he cant understand technical stuffs) But no channel for technical communication is big drawback of godaddy.


Over all observation: Goodaddy highest is  priority sales, least priority is customer support.