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Email 2 Factor Authorization

I see some old posts of people requesting 2FA on GoDaddy hosted email accounts, but I would like to get an update on whether GoDaddy is planning to add a 2FA for individual emails or not. I think that this should be a very high priority for your programmers. Is there any update on this?


Hi @ashonthego


Thank you for your post. I looked into the concern and it does seem that this is planned for Office 365 email plans but no word on when this will come to fruition. I am most certain that when it does, it will be a selling point for those packages so I can imagine the word will get out rather quickly once it is implemented and live. I'll update if I know more.


Best Wishes!


After HOURS of fighting this, I finally found this post.  I can't believe you guys still don't have a way to set a designated authentication for approved apps so we can keep 2 part authentication and have external email clients.  Your Webmail is completely inadequate for business use.  The least that you can do is help us keep our security and allow seamless support for 3rd party apps that all need this same feature.  Please provide an update as to whether this is even on your scheduled upgrades.

I'm surprised that this issue isn't a high priority item for them. They have to know how important it is!

Update:  I confirmed that 2 Factor Authentication doesn't work with 3rd party email clients.  They couldn't even get it to work with Outlook through Office 365.


Additionally, I was also able to prove that IMAP also doesn't work, contrary to their documentation and finally had a tier 2 level support person confirm IMAP doesn't work with 3rd party email clients.  

Not clear on what you mean "IMAP also doesn't work." I'm running 2 IMAP accounts on Spark just fine. What am I missing here?

And, completely agree, 2FA is a MUST GoDaddy. Come on. It's 2018!

IMAP doesn't work with 2 Factor Authentication.  They couldn't get it to work. 


When can we realistically expect 2FA or MFA implementation by GoDaddy for the workspace email product? It is enabled for Account Management; so it should not be difficult to push it for Email. 


GoDaddy really needs to come to 2017 and still not live in 1997.

Totally agree. Gonna give them til the end of Q1 to address this and then I'm gone if they don't implement 2FA/MFA.