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Email outgoing let just 1 email be send per hour

I developed a web over Laravel, it is working fine, I have a problem my aplicaction goes to databese request a list of 5 emails for send emails with a notification to those list of mail, the problem is I just recive 1 email, the one corresponding to the first one of the list of 5 email, besides the aplicaction on the server of Godaddy (when I test it localy I can send to the complete list without  problems) is sending 1 email per hour.

Community Manager

 Hi @oscaroyarce. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! Unfortunately, it's not clear what issue you're having. You may want to follow up here with a reworded description of the issue. If you're seeing a limit of one email per hour from an email hosted with us, it's likely the address(es) have been limited on our end. To have that addressed, you'll need to get in touch with our customer care team so they can investigate the issue further and let you know how to have the limit removed. 


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