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Emails missing or auto-deleted

In the last few days, apparently without warning, a GoDaddy webmail account that I run has 'lost' all emails before 26 December 2018. Four - Five years worth of emails gone from that point on. My email account is working fine now on new emails - send and receive, but thousands have disappeared. The box is now 10% full. I checked my sent box and it goes as far back as August 2017 (Right when I switched from POP to IMAP) to avoid emails getting randomly deleted. The support desk offers no explanation other than I must have deleted the emails but I didn't. Is there some kind of an auto-purge if the mailbox limit is reached? There were no warnings as far as I can tell. I run this email in iMail for macOS and iPhone.. Help!!!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Emails missing or auto-deleted

Hi @SpaceShifterJoe - Sorry to hear you're having trouble. With Workspace Email, the only auto-purge that would happen is if you have a folder set up to do this. You can check this setting by accessing webmail, then right-clicking (or control-clicking on a Mac) and choosing "Auto Purge..." while in Classic View. Other than that, GoDaddy wouldn't delete messages out of your account in the manner you've described. 


One thing that you can try is asking for a restore (on Workspace Email accounts). Restores can be done for up to 14 days. Our system takes a snapshot of the mailbox every day. When you restore back to a given day, it would restore the box back to how it was on that day. So, conceivably, if this happened within that timeframe, a restore should be able to bring back any messages that were there previously. 


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