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Emails not sending, slow to receive

I am a looonngg term client of go daddy. Being able to call whenever I feel like it for support is awesome and the techs are nice.  But this problem with the email not sending or being delivered hours later than the sender said has got to stop. About once a year this happens, support, although nice as can be, is of no help what so ever.  For the past two weeks, random clients have contacted me saying they didn't get the email I promised to send, yes they check their spam and bulk folders, yes they have my email in their accept file. No problems with other emails to them or from them. Then all of sudden, radom email sent are not received.


Just today had a client contact me at 12 noonish asking if I received her email, check all our go daddy email accounts, spam, bulk, all folders, the email sent is not there.  After 1 o'clock I finally give up and send her an email. She actually receives it and responds, thanks. Then, guess what is in the inbox, her email saying it was sent at 1126am. 


Like I mentioned this isn't the first time things like this have happened, when it does happen, it slows our business down and can really create a hardship, not to mention the financial hardship of missed sales, or so forth. 


Seriously go daddy, get this fixed and don't blow smoke at me with crap answers like "if it shows sent on our end then it was sent"


Sending email through our godaddy email server on 3 different emails.