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Emails sent being marked as spam

We have set up Outlook with POP on our computers to receive emails.  Recently all emails that we send to certain domains get marked as spam and returned to us.  We have tried calling Go Daddy and the other domains and they both say it is not an issue with them.  Trying something different I decided to login in to my outlook 365 account on the web and send an email to one of those domains and it worked - it did not come back as spam.


This leads me to believe that there is a security setting somewhere (either in our computer outlook, on our server, router?) that needs to be adjusted.  Has anyone else had this problem or have any ideas for me to try?  Thank you!!




Hi @MD2,


Thank you for posting. It could be because of the way you have your email set up on outlook, an Office 365 email account should not be set up as POP but as an exchange account take a look at this article and select your outlook version and follow the steps.


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Thank you, I will look into that.  It is strange though because it has been set up as a POP for a year or more with no issues until recently.  Could something have changed recently?

It is not your outlook - it is Godaddy - I am having this problem with every domain I set up. I have to call in and have them clear my own cpanel emails. 

    552 5.2.0 dgMshH8te1Djn :: CPANEL :: Message rejected for spam or virus content ::

When the message is just me setting up a time with someone,. No images, links or virus.