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Forwarding Email not working

I initially created an email address using my domain and Office 365. I decided to cancel Office 365 and with it went my emails. Am I still able to use email forwarding in this case or can I only forward if I hadn't cancelled Office 365 which was my whole email setup. I'm obviously a total novice. Any and all advice most welcome. I really needed that email address.

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Re: Forwarding Email not working



As long as you maintain control of the domain you can always change the MX (mail exchanger) records and continue to use the email address itself. You would just have to connect it to an email service of some sort.

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Re: Forwarding Email not working

Can I connect the email address to an email server for free or do I have to pay the monthly subscription like I was with Office 365. 


Re: Forwarding Email not working

Yesssss a you tube how to and zoho to the rescue.