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GoDaddy doesn't offer extended support for its 0365 and neither does Microsoft???

I have had a big problem with a few settings on my Outlook 2016/365 desktop client ever since GoDaddy told me to change my POP accounts to IMAP accounts. Your support people wasted a bunch of my time then told me you don't offer support for Microsoft issues unless I'm unable to send and receive, and suggested I call Microsoft. I called Microsoft, and they said they don't offer any support to customers of their syndicated partners such as GoDaddy. So is it basically the case that you guys are selling a product with no extended support? I've been your customer for years. You're pointing the finger at Microsoft and Microsoft is pointing it back at you, and I'm in the middle, spending money for a product with no extended support from anyone. Is this really what is going on?

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Hello @dunndealpr,


Without knowing the issues you seem to be facing, but learning about your feelings, I hope the following link will give you some solution:


Obviously the source of all support for Microsoft software, rests with Microsoft and where else to get the latest updates but their support pages. Godaddy are quite correct in that they make sure that the product they sell is fit for purpose and does the job, i.e. sends and receives mail. 

Any configurational problems and integration with outside software and maybe folk here can help with their experience?

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You have to get to the *right* team at godaddy. they only work m-f and 8-5ish Arizona time.


It's not great. contractually, Microsoft is not obligated to support it's reseller accounts in any way. That's godaddy's job, they just don't want to staff it 24/7, or in large numbers.

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Hi @spartan@dunndealpr,


live chat is Arizona local time 5am to 7pm Mon - Fri. I also agree with you on some points @spartan, getting the *right* staff........ they should employ me for a start. At the moment us pro members feel like we're on an internship or 'pro bono' sometimes as everyone seems to think we work here! We DO, "It's work Jim, but not as we know it"... lol Cat Happy

@Retiredno I mean they do actually have an office support team... of like 8-12 people. I've managed to talk to them twice. and when I did, I actually got the complex answer for my complex problem.

You code more, you live long time
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Ahh @spartan,


I see what you mean now. Though I still think they should give me a job here Smiley Happy

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