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Here's a solution -Office 365 does not verify my account on GoDaddy and always prompt me to sign in

Here's a solution when Office 365 does not verify your account on GoDaddy and always prompt you to sign in.


This is most likely an license-key problem.... 

This approach fixed the annoying problem for me:


1. download this:

Skip down to Option 2. - Completely uninstall Office with the Support and Recovery Assistant

Click the blue Download:



After you have removed everything related to MS Office on your computer, you have to restart your computer.... then you have to re-install Office 365 from Godaddy. Because this will then automatically attache you're license-key to the office installation file you shall download.


To download the correct Office with your license-key , you have  to login to Godaddy (not the Office 365 login) Click "My products" and scroll down to where you see "Email and Office" then Click "Manage All"



Then you are prompted with a new screen with the Download Office in the Right corner :




When you click the Download Office button you are taken to the GoDaddy Office login screen... (or if you have more then one Office 365 associated with more then just one domain, you have to select  which one you want to download first.)

When you get to the GoDaddy Office login screen enter your credentials...



You will then get redirected to this download screen:



Click advanced to download 64bit version if you have a 64bit Windows 10 system.

When this is downloaded you need to click on it to start the installation process... Ones this is done you have to restart your compurter... ones back in...start Word or another Office 365 product and log in to your account... You shall then be prompted the GoDaddy Office 365 login screen... 

 (Note, before you are logged in, you usually see a text that says that this product is licensed to "YOUR DOMAIN or USER. Because this is the license attache you're domain or user)


After you have logged in, test end see if this fixes your problem.... 


This fixed this problem for me... 

Please leave a comment if this solves your problem 🙂