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Missing or deleted email because of using the Rebuild function from Apple's MacPro

For some reason, the email column to the left of my screen suddenly went into very small font such that I couldn't read it. I spent a lot of time trying to use the various ways of changing font to no success. I then found, under Mailbox in the Mail Menu, the Rebuild function. Thinking maybe that would help me and thinking if it was something I should be careful doing and thus a window warning me about what would happen would actually pop up, I clicked on it and, voila, my email (thousands of emails on a POP server) disappeared!!!! Only 80 emails downloaded from the server (remember, this is not an IMAP setting). I called Apple and talked to a "new" technician who said he checked with his "superiors" only to be told he could not help me and that this is a "server" issue. Not sure why it could delete emails from my server when not an IMAP setting. But this is serious stuff for me as I use my computer for business and I have a lot of information on it. My iCloud only works, apparently, for my email address. Can anyone tell me whether my emails might be retrievable? Thanks in advance.


Re: Missing or deleted email because of using the Rebuild function from Apple's MacPro

Hiya @NickL,


Sorry to hear you lost your emails. With POP mail, the messages would be downloaded to your email client (MacMail) and then deleted from the server as a default setting. Unless you set it up to keep a copy of the messages on the server. If the lost emails were on the server within the last 2 weeks, they my be recoverable. You can reach out to our support team to see if anything can be recovered. Otherwise, there wouldn't be a way to recover the emails unless you backed them up somewhere locally.


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