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Multi-factor Authentication for Office 365


Outlook 365 REALLY SUCKS. My email addresses assosicted with my GoDaddy website does not load and if itdoes, the emails do not load. I will demand that GoDaddy provide a working ISP for the email addresses associated Godaddy websites.

The app changed all my Outlook 365 settings and defaulted to their server settings. They set my new email address as default which is not what I wanted and now to revert back to my pre-existing accounts is a major PTA! I signed based on advertising.  I feel so stupid and I do IT for a living. I had a website, wanted to create a new one, and GoDaddy sales led me down this path through the sale dept.?  Pathetic, stupid and poor process management.  Pathetic.... did I say PATHETIC.  I won't repeat again.  Be so careful!  Don't know where to steer you as I checked lots and wound up here.  What a mistake!