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New Email NOT downloading to mac mail on iMac w/GoDaddy Office 365 email / Microsoft Exchange not

Has anybody dealt with mac mail not being able to down new messages from the Microsoft Exchange email servers? Especially after Big Sur upgrade/update. 

We have service through GoDaddy using their microsoft exchange mail servers (office 365). In the last couple weeks, I've been unable to download any new messages from the email servers, they won't download onto my iMac mac mail desktop program. Can send emails ok. Can send/receive on iPad and iPhone fine. Can use the web mail and it works in the internet browser.
New messages are simply not downloading to my iMac desktop mac mail program. Sometimes it will come through if I restart the machine or program.
iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014) Big Sur 11.0.1, Mac Mail Version 14.0 (3654.
For some reason can not get anywhere with Apple tech and GoDaddy tech help to resolve this issue.