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Not getting Junk Mail

I have a very strange problem -- I get no junk mail! My email address was hosted elsewhere for years and I used to get a lot of junk mail (into my junk mail folder). Ever since I transferred over to GoDaddy, my junk mail folder has stayed completely empty -- I'm not getting any junk mail into my inbox either. My concern is that I'm losing legitimate emails in amongst these "missing" junk emails. Anybody else experienced this? GoDaddy support dude just said, "It's impossible."

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I understand where you are coming from @WayneT. What I usually do is assign a catchall email address with absolutely no filtering on it. I don't tend to give out my reply-to addresses but those have some filtering turned on. It is definitely a balance, you might want to check what filtering you currently have on your email account? I hope that helps?


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Hi there @rd - I would, but there are no options that I can find in the godaddy webmail interface. There's just the spam folder with nothing in it. When I look in settings, there are no spam filtering options.

We are having a similar issue. Were you moved from webspace mail to Windows 365? We were moved last week and now legitimate emails (and bills!) are being caught up in their "amazing junk filter".  It's been terrible. The only workaround we've learned so far is that we have to go into the junk mail or bulk mail folder on the web app and click that this mail isn't junk daily. No junk mail comes to the Outlook desktop app anymore. It all stays on the web app. It's a horrible design and there's no way to turn off spam filtering.

Hi, I wasn't moved to my knowledge. I just have the godaddy professional email. The strange thing is there is no "bulk mail" folder, even though it says there should be one. And the "Spam" folder is always empty -- nothing ever arrives into it. That doesn't seem possible, that not a single spam email got sent to this address in the last 3 months!