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Office 365 and user options

When one uses this via MS directly and you edit a user, there is much more available than there is with GoDaddy. Where are those options, for things like Mail Settings/Mailbox permissions category?


Re: Office 365 and user options

I have this same question / situation. Did you ever get a response?

John Harwell

Re: Office 365 and user options

no I did not. godaddy wants to not help; they're protecting themselves by not giving me too much, so I ditched them for this, turning off autorenew and using MS directly for this.

Re: Office 365 and user options

Still no reply to this question?

I have the same issue and would like to know why we don't have the "Mail Settings".

I want to convert a user mailbox to shared mailbox, which is simple on MS Office 365.

Where are the rest of our options?


Re: Office 365 and user options

Hello @SimonNWalker, @Brian55@jharwell!


Thank you for your posts! I can definitely help with these questions!


You are able to assign "full access permissions" on any user under your organization. Here is an article that would walk you through it:

  • Select "I need to access somebody else's mailbox"
  • Select "If you see the below administrative interface..."
  • Follow the steps provided


To convert a user mailbox to a shared mailbox, follow these steps:


If you do need further assistance, I'd recommend reaching out to our live support team so they can walk you through all this.


Best wishes!



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