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Outlook for Mac 16.15

I have had a the same email account for years and I have been using Outlook for Mac 2016 since it came out. None of my settings have changed and I have not had a recent update lately but my Outgoing Email will no longer work. Incoming Email is working great, I just can't reply using my GoDaddy account. It's fine for weeks at a time and then for a 24 hour period it will stop sending emails. The next day everything is back on track. Is this on my side or the server side? It is a POP account. Any advice would be appreciated.

Community Manager

Hi @marquesalan. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Even though you're not changing anything on your end, the issue could still be rooted in either an issue on the server or an issue with your computer. There are a lot of different elements that need to cooperate with each other in order for you to send your email. That is one of the reasons why an intermittent issue like what you've described can be so difficult to diagnose. My suggestion would be to make sure that your email client isn't set up to use other SMTP servers. This can happen if you have multiple email accounts on the same client. You may also want to try a different network connection (if possible) the next time this happens. 


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