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Renewing my Email Without Using Office 365

I have a question about EMAIL and OFFICE.


I have a subscription to Office 365 Email Essential, for my  domain. And I have added a user: to it. This subscription will expire soon.

I am not using the Office 365 services. I have Outlook 2013 installed on my laptop and I am using it to manage this email.


What will happen if I don't renew the email? would it stop working on my outlook? Am I able to only pay for the email storage without the 365 tools?


I am just trying to figure out why would I need to renew the Office 365 license since I already have a 2013 license that I use on my laptop.


Thank you very much for clarification

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Re: Renewing my Email Without Using Office 365

Office 365 is your actual e-mail service. Outlook 2013 is just software to use that service. 


Outlook 2013 software uses the settings from your e-mail service provider, in this case Office 365, to download and mange your e-mails.


If you cancel Office 365 you will have no e-mail service -- so you do need Office 365 unless you are going to use another e-mail provider (such as ATT, Comcast, BellSouth, etc.).  You would then have to change your Outlook 2013 settings to use the new e-mail provider's incoming and outgoing SMTP server settings.


HTH!  😉

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Re: Renewing my Email Without Using Office 365

Hi, my Online Essentials expires soon, and I would like to downgrade to Email Essentials. In the renewal window the only 2 options available are Online Essentials and Business Premium, both features I don't need. I just need the Email. How could I do this, do I need to cancel my current Online Essentials and purchase the Email Essentials instead? Will my current email be transferred to the new type of account? 

Thank you!

Re: Office 365 expiring 19 March 2017

Hello Everyone, 


Please assist me. 

  • My Office 365 Starter email is expiring on March 19, 2017
  • I am changing to another email client tomorrow when it expires
  • Will Office 365 email automatically switch off on expiry date / day or there is a transition period?
  • I also tried to redirect email from workspace to avoid any interruptions, seems Godaddy does not allow email redirect when office 365 is in use.

I have used Office 365 for 2 years, great tool but I have my misgivings onn its performance ..


Please assist.


Thank you

Re: Renewing my Email Without Using Office 365


I also would want to keep just my email address without outlook or office 365. I will use IMAP.

My renewal is coming up in a few days. How can I downgrade? I only see upgrade options.




Re: Renewing my Email Without Using Office 365

Hi @botnino

Office 365 and our IMAP email service are two different email platforms, so you cannot downgrade/upgrade from one to the other. You will need to contact our support team and they can assist you with purchasing our Unlimited email plan that comes with IMAP capabilities. 

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