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Sharing Documents in Sharepoint with external users

Have been trying for days to figure out how to share documents stored on sharepoint site to external users so they do not have to log in with a microsoft account.


Any suggestions?

Getting Started

Maybe this article will help you out: Support for Sharepoint

Using IFRAME in HTML is the solution for what you want I believe.  This will display the page you wish for them to view on your website.  I could give you a lot of information on how to use IFRAME, but I'm not going to at this time because I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for.

Did oyu ever find out how to do this.

I've tried following allthe guides, but the options mentioned do not appear on the GoDaddy version of Office 365.

Such as this one.


If you signup for Office 365 does it include SharePoint? I'm a developer using it for projects. Workflows and such. It's important to me that I have at least 10 AD accounts to simulate workflows. Does Godaddy offer this or should I go to Microsoft?




Sharepoint public sites are going away. External users will no longer be able to access of Oct 2017, users for,, any of the free Microsoft accounts will not be able to access a publicly shared site, and those sites are coming down by March of 2018.  I believe group sites will still exist for users within a group within an office 365 Enterprise (OWA) domain.  So this essentially locks out the free office mailers and requires you to purchase email accounts within your domain for anyone you wish to share a group site. Here are the Links.