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Transferring Office 365

I have a GoDaddy account with 3 Office 365 subscriptions for the 3 emails.  I am getting out of the partnership that owns that business.  It was very easy to transfer our domain name from my GoDaddy account to a new account owned by one of the partners.


What I'm looking for is the recommended best way to get the partners setup with their Office 365 accounts.  I can terminate them from my side.  I can sign them up for 3 new subscriptions on the new account.  But what do I do about all the current email, Inbox, Sent, etc... is there a way you experts would recommend handling this? 


Re: Transferring Office 365

HI @igendreau


Thank you for you post. The best way to handle this would be to use a .PST file to port over the existing content.  Before I go into details I would like to mention that no content migration method will be 100 percent guaranteed to work flawlessly but the .PST method is Microsoft's solution to exporting and importing backups of your email content. 


To accomplish this you will first need to have the existing emails connected to either outlook 2013 or 2016. 


Below I have provided a 3rd party link to a visual guide for preforming a .PST export/import through outlook that you may use for reference. 


Export/Import .PST for Outlook 2013/2016


Hope this helps!