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Unable to log in to Microsoft Azure portal due to GD Office 365 email redirect

My domain, email, and Office 365 are all through GoDaddy. Separately, I have subscriptions to Microsoft Azure (not associated with GoDaddy).

When I try to login to my Azure portal it requires my email address to log-in. When I enter my email address,  I am redirected to the GoDaddy email page. Once I complete the login and it reroutes me back to Azure, it says I have no subscriptions. I think it is trying to tie my Azure to my GoDaddy services. I've had Microsoft verify that this is the correct login and the subscriptions are associated with that email. But I cannot access my Azure portal correctly.

I've contacted Microsoft and GoDaddy support teams and I just get passed along to a different department that does not answer. I opened a new ticket with Microsoft Azure support and now 5 days have gone by without a working solution.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm wondering if I have Microsoft change the Azure login to an email not associated with my GoDaddy services, perhaps I can avoid this conflict? Help!


Has anyone been able to log in to a Windows 10 machine using their GD Office 365 credentials? I have added the Azure AD domain to Windows accounts using my GD 365 email, but am unable to log in using the same email at the Windows login 'other user' screen. It always says "We are unable to connect right now. Please check your network and try again later."

I know it is possible using MS 365, but am not sure if anyone here has gotten it to work with Godaddy?

I want to answer my own question that it is not possible to sign in to a Windows 10 machine using Azure AD credentials with a GoDaddy Office 365 account. It must be due to the way they handle sign ons.

I tested on a new Microsoft Office 365 account and it went smoothly without any hiccups. After playing with both versions I would not recommend the GoDaddy 365 product for any reason over the Microsoft version, which I think is the sentiment of many on this forum.

I think that the obvious answer here is to dis-associate your 365 account from Go Daddy. Now that being said, it is not an easy thing to do, but if go through the pain you will fix all of these issues. Go Daddy is nothing more than a middle man in the middle of your connection to the MS Exchange server, and the real 365 portal. GD gives you absolutely no extra VALUE as a partner to Microsoft. I hate putting everything into MS but in this case GD has no business being a 365 partner that actually provides less VALUE, and more problems.


Move your 365 Tenant to a direct MS connection you will be much happier!!!!

Is there an easy way to transfer an O365 account form Godaddy to Microsoft?  I'm stuck with the same issue.  Brand new laptop that I now can't log into because I set it up with the O365 account that's setup through Godaddy.  It worked fine during the wizard portion but then it rebooted to log in for real and I'm stuck.

Thank you so much for answering that question regarding GD O365 and Windows 10 log in.  I have made multiple contacts with GD Supports and was unsuccessful, often times they were clueless.  Called MS Support and they said it could not be done, but I did not believe; hopeful because I have several accounts.  I have to control employees log ins when they terminate employment and keep the equipment.  Thank you so much for investing you time in testing this theory. 

Has anyone made any progress with this ? Just locked myself out of a brand new surface that went through all of the setup stuff fine authenticating against godaddy office 365 but after the reboot I can't authenticate. Spoke to GD support and all they say is rebuild the PC but I think will just get the same issue. Directed them to this thread and asked is it supported but no reasonable answer.


Wish I had bought direct from MS.


I managed to get around this problem.   


At the login screen.  Hit the three dots in the username section. Select Forget.


It will take you to a new login screen.  Type in you username and log in.  It should come up with a new window asking if it is your Personal account of a work IT account.  I selected my personal account.


It then goes to password screen. Enter that and you should be in your real Azure account not the fake GODADDY POS Account.