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Unable to set up email forwarding to outlook

I just signed up for godaddy, and with my package, I received a year of office 365 email, in addition to "Free Email forwarding with domain". So I set up my email in Outlook as instructed, then when I went to add the forwarding emails, to send mail to that outlook account, it tells me:

"Based on your current MX record settings, we determined that your email is currently set up to work with Microsoft. You cannot manage third party email accounts from the Workspace Control Center."

It seems unlikely that I would not be able to do this. I paid for the microsoft account so I would like to be using it.

What is the point of having the microsoft account if it doesn't even work with the forwarding?


Hello @alexbailey!


Welcome to the community! I'm sorry for any confusion. The error you received is because the free forwarding addresses are Workspace email, not Office 365 email. Workspace email requires different MX record settings. You can't use both types of email, you'd need to choose one or the other. You have the option to add more email addresses to your Office 365 account, however.


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