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VPS Emails Bounce Back

I am in GoDaddy VPS account,  and still having Emails Bounce Back issue since day one 
cPanel Support replied helplessly as below

{{{ it looks like your mail is being routed through a GoDaddy "smart host":

This is making your mail not be sent from your own server's IP address, but rather one of GoDaddy's assigned mail server addresses. This is likely why you are receiving these messages currently, as smart hosts will relay millions of messages every day all looking as if they are being sent from the same IP address. It is the smart host IP address that is generally the one getting greylisted for too many email connections.

I recommend changing your domain's mail to use a 3rd party mail service like Google Apps so that mail is not handled by your server. You will need to either remove this smart host or use a different mail host, however, otherwise, you will continue being flagged for greylisting.}}}

what is the best one-time solution, please?