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Webmail handling of ICS attachments

My wife uses Apple mail on her iphone. When she sends me a calendar invitation, it shows as having an attachment. If I view the source of the e-mail, I can see that it has and attached ICS file. However, when I open the message in Webmail on my Windows 10 PC,, all I see is the invitation information and Accept or Decline buttons. I don't see an attachment and don't have an option to save the attachment as a file. If I click on the date and time of the event, it opens some kind of GoDaddy calendar, even though I don't subscribe to Calendar. There is no option to save the event to another calendar or file that I can see. It works the same with either Chrome or IE. Is this normal for Webmail on a PC? If so, this needs to work better!

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It just sounds to me like you have the .ICS file associated to GoDaddy calendar @Spacerocks1? You can have that file open in just about any calendar (Google, Outlook...) Just follow the same procedure you normally would. I hope that helps? 

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