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Workspace email - Export/import purge list possible?

I have several email accounts I use workspace with to manage the purge list - is there anyway to export the purge list and import it into another email accounts purge list? Besides copy and paste one by one? Thanks in advance


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Just to clarify, the "purge list" you're referring to is the Allowed/Blocked sender lists in the spam filtering settings? Afraid export/import of this list within your Workspace email accounts is not possible at this time. 


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Thanks CG - Yes, there is an option to "Auto Purge" from specific emails or domains - I would like to copy that across my accounts so I can maintain 1 list. Perhaps this is something that can be recommend to the devs?

I've got the same problem. I've got multiple email accounts and if I auto-purge a domain on 1 email address, why would anyone think I wouldn't want to auto-purge that domain for ALL my email accounts. With GD's technical capabilities, it should be a no-brainer.