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blacklisted ip sorbs duhl

Cust ID: 144477256, UNFORTUNATEY, bought the godaddy domain and hosting service. EMAILS not being delivered to the recipients. Following up since 2 months. * No call backs after fake assurances. * Problem is still there. * Mails are not being delivered. gmail ID: * Checked over internet that IP is blacklisted in SORBS DUHL. * GO DADDY doesn't have solution for this. * Either I want refund or the solution to this issue. * Facing a huge business loss due to undelivered mails. WORST SERVICE _ GODADDY


Re: blacklisted ip sorbs duhl

HI @sandynamics


Thank you for your post and sorry to hear about the ongoing issue you are having. Mail delivery may be effected by many sources, a blacklist listing could absolutely  be the cause of the problem but without further details it would be hard to determine the cause of the blacklist and what steps to take to either workaround it, request removal, or address the cause of the blacklist. 


For example, a blacklist could occur if the I.P. of the sender is routed from a blacklisted network, which in turn would cause a listing for that domain sending from that network. This would only be one example. 


If you receive bouncebacks for the messages you sent, the bouncebacks will also give information about why the messages are not being delivered. 


Please contact or customer services support line and our agents will be happy to review with you to help determine the cause of the mail delivery failures. As email issues sometimes take multiple steps to resolve, follow up may be necessary.


Additionally: I highly recommend that you edit this post and remove your personal account and contact information. This is a general community forum open to the public and we recommend not posting any confidential information on to the community forums.


Best Wishes!