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email signature creation in Workspace has only FB and Twitter logos/images to add, how about others?

Creating email signature in Workspace, I only see on the formattings that Facebook and Twitter are available image/logos to add.


To add LinkedIn, Medium, others... Anyone one knows how is done?


Thanks - Elena


Hello @elenaneira!


Thank you for posting. If you'd like to add links to other social media, you'd just need to do so using the hyperlink button. You could also add the image, you'd just need to upload it. 


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Thank you Heather!


No problem uploading images/links by myself.


It often has the caveat if the graphics, text size, etc. of the ones one uploads are the same size/quality than the ones that Workspace has as part of your signature creation widget...


Regards - Elena