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emails are not forwarding

I'm trying to forward my emails to another email address from a custom domain email which I own. Under "my products" -> workspace email -> email forwarding 100 pack I've added the custom domain email along with the forwarding email. However it bounces back and does not go through. I understanding the dns can take a while to reset, but it's been about a month. Any ideas? I've looked under "manage all" and the email is there and is correct....

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Re: emails are not forwarding



What is your domain so we can take a look at your DNS settings?

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Re: emails are not forwarding/?isc=gdcommment is the domain. is the email I'm trying to use to
forward to my other email

Re: emails are not forwarding

@PL281 is the domain and is the email I'm trying to use to forward to my other email.


Re: emails are not forwarding

Hi @NR5P!


It looks like this email forwarding is not working due to your domain not showing any MX records. When I perform a DNS Dig on the domain, no MX records are being reported. You will want to ensure the following MX records are added:     with a priority of 10      with a priority of 0


The "Host" for these records will be the @ sign.


Once you have this added, the email forward should start working shortly after. 


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Re: emails are not forwarding

This godaddy has turned awful and very confusing.

I registered a couple of parked domains and used email forwarding on the domains.

This has now just stopped, emails don’t send. They are important to me also.


I am trying to transfer the domain away from godaddy to LCN which is user friendly and reliable. Now godaddy says transfer is unavailable. I have done everything the bad customer support says to do, usually cuts me off in the middle of a discussion.


It’s bad, does anyone know..can they actually prevent me from transferring away from them?


LCN is a great company, straight forward and user friendly. They can’t transfer my domain until I update the name servers. Of course godaddy says These are not with them.

How frustrating! They keep trying to charge me for email forwarding also!

Re: emails are not forwarding

Hi @Darenguitar.


Sorry to hear about these issues you have been facing with trying to transfer your domain out. We won't prohibit you from transferring the domain out as long as it is currently active in your account, but if the domain is less than 60 days old or a contact update has been on the domain, ICANN will place a lock on the domain and keep it from being able to be transferred out. 


If you would like to provide me with the domain, I would be happy to look into this further for you.


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