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office 365 requires logon...over and over On Windows 10

Have tried support and the tech couldn't understand the issue.... it seemed he felt it wasn't an issue or didn't understand at all.


In summary. personal Microsoft ( consumer) account with an attached an o365 account several ways

  • Workplace account
  • Windows 10 mail
  • Credential manager (confirmed there, not modified)
  • Outlook 16

every time reboot or recover from sleep I have to re-authenticate through the o365 portal to go daddy site for email, onedrive, SP designer etc. Office apps don't prompt consistently but come up with odd webapp / element login prompts occasionally that use the std o365 interface ( don't take you to go daddy. I have recreated profiles, refreshed my surface to test a fresh setup. removed and re-added all apps and workplace accounts etc. but cant seem to get SSO / pass though auth.


I'm having a hard time on the forum here finding anyone with the exact same issue which troubles me. anyone have any idea what I do next?


thnx in advance



Here was my fix for Windows 7. (Windows 10 as well)

Scenario: Our client had Office suite under another Microsoft account and his 365 email account with go daddy. The Go Daddy log in box kept coming up every time he opened Outlook 2016.


What I did:

Go into "Office Account" in the File menu in Outlook



Click switch accounts 




Click add account



Sign in with the email address that you need to have in your outlook desktop app
In my clients case, he was missing the email address account that was associated with his office suite. (Not his go daddy email account)



You may need to mess with it to get the results you want but this should help those having issues with the log in box.  For instance, your outlook app may be missing your go daddy account and not the Microsoft account associated with the office suite. Or you may just need to sign out and sign back in.  (I've had others have similar issues with non- go daddy office 365.  I think I actually have a blog post somewhere about it.)


Hope this helps someone.  It solved our issues with the Go Daddy log in box.

Heart and Hustle

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I have been using office 365 for about two years now and I have about eight installation licenses of which i think i have 6 licenses used and two open. Last month after a windows OS update on one of our employees computers I was asked to activate their Office when trying to open word. The employee does not know my logon information as all the licenses are under my subscription. so I thought "no big deal" and entered in my credentials to activate office but the same employee call me yesterday, about a month after the initial activation as he was getting asked to activate office again. Is there something that triggers office to request a re-activation? is there a way to assign a key to the registry or something so it does not require me to drive to the office and activate the software every so often? i just called go daddy support and the lady told me there was a micro soft office update that broke this and the only solution was to uninstall office and reinstall. is this legitimate or just a generic  answer. so I shoudl plan on going out to all the six location and uninstall office office? I asked here if there was something she can send me documenting the issue and she said there was nothing documented she could provide. I asked if she knew what update triggered the issue and she could not answer that either.  if anyone has details on this issue  can you please point me in the right direction?

I am having a similar issue where on August 18th Outlook for Mac went to offline mode and ask for activation.  When I go to activate it goes through the normal routine in setting up the account including GoDaddy login but hangs up during the loading process and never finishes or authenticates.  Email is still available via Outlook Web and Apple Mail but will not authenticate to Outlook desktop.  Email is still available on my IOS devices but will not authenticate on my IMAC or MacBook Pro.  I will post back here if support comes up with a solution or if reloading works as suggested by your support correspondence. 

Support checked my email accounts and tested okay.  In order to repair, I uninstalled OutLook using CleanMyMac 3 then downloaded Office 365 2016 from GoDaddy and reinstalled Office.  Once I restarted OutLook all my email and calendars imported over and all seems to be well again.  Still not sure what caused this in the first place but the reinstall did fix the problem.

It has been almost a week and I have not received the activation message again so it does look like it was a matter of uninstalling Office and then reinstalling it.

It could be that Microsoft updates required re-authentication. Microsoft 365 licenses are intended to be per user and not shared. You may need buy a separate user license for each user as Microsoft intended.

Exact thing here. Get a GoDaddy window and have to r-enter the password


I  have created a sharepoint site using office 365 online and I given the link to IE as default page without username and password. Still when I open IE, it every  time it  asking   Microsoft online username and password and then redirected to Go daddy page for password. How can I byepass username , password  in local machine Internet explorer  to go to sharepoint site home.aspx page. Please  advise and  is very appreciate.






I want to set up sharepoint online site in an IE , bypassing username and pwd. I given the setting in IE , I have given the settings in IE with current username and password. Still it is asking the pwd. Please any solution would be very appreciate


unsure if it's a timeout or reconnect or both but I'm constantly having to login to go daddy for O365 (Local office installs pop up with odd features requiring), o365 portal (inc delve, sharepoint etc) and my domain mail (windows 10 mail mainly). Called support but was not the outcome I expected, this cant be normal. adding as a workplace account should do pass through, but every time I'm presented with the go daddy page....

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Hi @sbarrow,

What advice did support give you? Also what was the outcome you expected?

I have called GoDaddy's support about six times regarding this issue.  Each time I have to wait on hold for 20 minutes due to "unexpected call volume."  And now Chat is "unavailable."I have uninstalled and reinstalled Outlook on my Android phone and tablet.  I have deleted and re-entered my accounts.  I have followed the instructions on the Email settings to create a new policy.  I have spent countless hours on hold and going through the motions with GoDaddy support.  I have called Microsoft and they say it is a GoDaddy issue.  Why can't GoDaddy fix this issue?  The lack of support I am getting on this issue is a travesty.   I notice that GoDaddy is very responsive when they want to sell you something but if you have a problem they are a no show.   It is really troubling that they keep touting their Award winning support.  The reality is that there are long hold times, chat unavailable and lack of resolution to problems.  At this point, I have no options except to put up with the problem or cancel my GoDaddy account and start over.


I have this problem on 1 of my 6 O365 accounts. Why can't this be acknowledged or fixed? I'm lucky that this is only happening to me and no one else.

I have been having the same issue! 

I've spoken to Customer service (tech support) a few times about this. Each time we left off thinking we solved the issue... but then it goes back on and starts again. 

Our iOS devices, computers, etc. 

Constantly needing us to log in and relogin just to notify us if we have new messages, etc. 

I had this problem to i talked to microsoft they said it's godaddy

Same issue here. Outlook on all of the devices is asking to re-authanticate 10 times a day. Extremely annoying, and should not be a part of my work day.

I have been having the same issue! 

I've spoken to Customer service (tech support) a few times about the constant logging into Office 365. Each time we left off thinking we solved the issue... but then it goes back on and starts again. 

Our iOS devices, computers... I've tried downloading diff. apps, etc.

Constantly needing us to log in and relogin just to notify us if we have new messages, etc. 

Same here, Outlook on every iOS and Mac device needs to be logged in at least daily - could someone please look into this very annoying issue with Outlook email logins? 

same problem here on iPhone 7 and iPad 

Same problem on multiple Android devices.  This is an issue that is showing up in multiple threads that GoDaddy refuses to acknowledge or fix.

I am having the same issue. I have 2 domains that I use exchange through Go Daddy, one is flawless, the other needs to be logged in at least 5 times per day. I'd think it was go daddy or something else if I didn't have one that worked perfectly. Something is up.