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receive/send my-godaddy-domain email account in GMAIL by "Add a mail account" setting


Emails that are sent to my domain (, I want to read in my gmail account.

for example, emails sent to, i want to read in gmail, and i want to be able to reply, from gmail, using the godaddy/wordpress email address ( This way the sender only sees I do not want the emails to be 'forwarded' to my gmail account, and replied to from my gmail account.


Gmail has the ability to add multiple email inboxes, for example i can receive emails from my account in a separate email inbox (in gmail). In gmail when i add the secondary inbox for, it is real easy and it "auto-discovers" the mailserver connection settings by just entering my gmx email address.

However, this doesn't work for my "workspace control center" email address,, it tells me "There was a problem connecting to Server returned error: "We were unable to locate the other domain. Please contact your other provider." In addition, i only have 10 workspace control center email addresses i can use.

So i tried using a cPanel email address, from the same domain "". This had the same result as the workspace control center email address.


I checked my cloudflare account, and it shows this for the MX records:
MX | | | Auto | DNS only
MX | | | Auto | DNS only (priority 10)


so, i guess my question is ... is it even possible to receive/send emails from my godaddy hosting?

another hint -- i'm using WordPress, perhaps i can do this through wordpress?

i suppose i can create a new gmail account (, and simply forward to that address, at least the sender would see it is somewhat close to "", but this is not the ideal workaround.


if you can help that would be incredible, because i am stuck, and i don't want to simply have emails forwarded to my personal account.