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    Blog Features

    I love the idea to have a blog. Blogs give us the ability to increase our site's SEO and drive consistent readers to our content.  But I believe a feature could be added to make the experience better for our readers, writers, and organization.


    Can we please have a feature added so we can add a link and section dedicated to our authors?


    Right now, I am simply adding my name to the bottom of the page, but it would be great to have the author shown right next to the title and the potential to link authors together via an author profile. Maybe a small headshot icon, linking to the author's profile. 


    I have seen other blog sites in which have this feature. I believe it will serve to promote GoDaddy as a versatile platform for many customers! 


    This will also allow for multiple authors to be utilized for writing blog posts and provide the organization and community as to who wrote each post. 


    What do you think?


    All the best,