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    Does Redesigning a website affect the websites SEO


    I have recently redesigned a website for a small company. I am pretty knew to website development and I was wondering if I just replaced there website with mine, would there be loss in SEO due to this? Is there steps I need to take in order to retain some of the SEO gained from the previous site?




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    Re: Does Redesigning a website affect the websites SEO



    The short answer is it will depend on what you are changing


    Long Answer

    You want to make sure to set up redirects for any of the URLs that have changed. Additionally you want to make sure that your Meta Tags are configured for the new version of the site.


    I would also make sure you have an XML sitemap and submit the site in Google Webmaster Tools

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    Re: Does Redesigning a website affect the websites SEO

    Hi @sultankhan19,

    Hi @jayeshtech & @maestrosoft,

    Want to let you know that we're having a Community Virtual Meetup next week Wednesday, November 13th from 10-11am PST with the topic of "SEO 101". Please join if you can. You can register ahead of time here https://www.crowdcast.io/e/godaddy-community-2. Take care!