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    Redeploy Almost All Of Your Marketing Budget Away From Advertising To SMS Marketing.

    6 ways retail can use SMS

    With a 98% open rate compared to email at just 22%, there is no doubting that sending a text message will get a great return of investment, be that visits to websites, inbound calls, or sales of your products. We know SMS marketing works and is already working for millions of businesses every day.

    Retail and SMS marketing are the perfect fit, they work amazingly together in harmony, boosting sales, brand awareness, customer retention and can help turn a small retail store into a huge worldwide brand.

    Below are just 6 of the many ways that SMS can help retail.

    1. Text customers with special offers – If you have a sale on, text customer to let them know you have a sale, when it will finish, how they take advantage of it and what they will save.

    2. Purchase and delivery notifications – Send a text message after someone has made a purchase on your website thanking them and giving them details of their purchase. This can then be followed up with delivery notifications, making the customer experience even better.

    3. Get customers through the door – If you want more people to come back to your store, text them

    offer that they can only obtain if they show the cashier. Which could lead to those all-important impulse buys.

     4. Let customers know about your new stock – Is your new season in? Or do you have a great new range that you want to shout about? Then text your customers and let them know.

    5. SMS loyalty programs – Allow customers to sign up to an SMS loyalty programme. Send them exclusive offers and texts when new products will be released that they can only get with your SMS loyalty programme.

    6. SMS Surveys – After a customer has made a purchase, send them an SMS survey with a couple of questions on asking how their experience was. Getting a better understanding of what your strengths and weaknesses are.

    Being a small business owner myself, I offer Small Businesses in Montana the best prices in the industry Guaranteed. I set up my own SMS gateway, hooked up directly to the provider – No middlemen, TRUE wholesale pricing, No annual contracts, No monthly minimums, You pay for what you use, Best price Guarantee.

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    Re: Redeploy Almost All Of Your Marketing Budget Away From Advertising To SMS Marketing.

    Thanks for the information @SMSFSB, it made for an interesting read. What is your view on SMS marketing VS social media marketing investments. I'm the kind of guy that prefers to meet the customer where they are. Though I feel SMS marketing can be impactful I don't know that I'd go 100% in.


    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

    roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head