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Tips for restaurant owners to survive right now

My family was forced to close the dining rooms at our three restaurants in Scottsdale two days ago due to COVID19. BUT, we've figured out a few unique ways to stay afloat in the meantime. Sharing what's been working for us in case it helps another small business owner:


1. We are selling gift cards at 30% off. It gives us revenue now, and gives customers a chance to get a deep discount later.


2. We turned our parking lot into a drive up take-out stand.


3. We are also selling our catering size dishes at a discount (via the drive-up area) that will feed families all week.


4. We are selling bottles of wine, liquor, and beer at our drive up area.


5. We are negotiating our rent with our landlord, deferring our taxes, and seeing if we can postpone or small business loan during this time.


Hope this helps give someone else ideas!

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What everyone can do to help their local establishments like @courtcraig, is to take them up on buying gift cards or certificates (and buy some for family and friends) that can be used when all this passes.


Helps with them with the cash flow now and is a win-win! 😉


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I've seen a few restaurants in my area (Bay Area) posting big signs outside saying "Takeout available" so that people driving by know that they are open. Also, there's one restaurant that is giving a free roll of toilet paper for all takeout orders. It's generating a lot of discussion on our local Facebook groups, which is driving a lot of business for that particular restaurant.

That is a great idea to help generate revenue now and getting people back in the door when things settle down.

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Getting Started

Make sure you are on DoorDash, Instacart, etc.  Some people just don't want to go out in public, but trust your health standards in the kitchen.

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Great ideas! Hope they work out for you!

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Love these ideas!


We just published a post on the GoDaddy blog covering different ways web designers & developers can help their clients adapt to the COVID-19 impacts. There are a few points in there specifically for restaurants.


The gist: Restaurants need to get set up with online ordering & delivery apps, and improve their discoverability in local search with Google My Business.


A few months back I asked a local cafe owner why she wasn't on any of the apps. They had great lunches (sandwiches, soups, salads, rice bowls, pastries, cookies...)


She said she couldn't be bothered, and that the fees weren't worth it. They had zero online presence and were barely getting by through catering and foot traffic.


I'm pretty sure they're out of business now. It's a shame, because their food and service was great otherwise.

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