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Fresh install of WordPress on Plesk is VERY VERY VERY SLOOOOW!

Installed a FRESH wordpress on Plesk hosting and it's soooo slow. Pingdom test indicates loading a BLANK wordpress site is 15 seconds! Wow! URL is


Tried playing around with hosting settings like changing FastCGI (which should have been better) to CGI, disabling ASP & ASP.Net, etc, but nothing helps. Any ideas?

Super User I



=> When I clicked on your site link hangs and suspends loading of the site.  I don't see the deault Twenty Seventeen theme your Pingdom test is reflecting...


=> Then we are loading a bunch of stuff from which was hanging.


=> GTMetrix shows most of the sluggishness is due to images.   Your images are thousands of pixels in size and then the code is displaying them in a much smaller size.  Upload and use images in the sizes they'll display in.  Then optimize those images.   The first 6 items in the GTM report are all things in your control to control.


HTH! 😉

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