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Migration to Plesk - Am I in, am I out? - ranking on Search Engines?

I was informed on January 24th that my Economy hosting account would migrate to Plesk. On Feb 21st, I received an email from Godaddy that stated, "We didn't get your site migration done this week.  We're still migrating your hosting from our old Windows hosting to Windows Web Hosting powered by Plesk.  Don't worry, we'll let you know when you're up in the queue again."  (Sounds like I was put in the BACK OF THE LINE because they didn't get to me this week.)


Well, that email was over a month ago and I haven't heard anything else from Godaddy.  It appears that I'm at the back of the queue (line) with  hundreds of thousands of other websites in front of me. 


In the meantime, two questions:

1. Why is this taking so much longer than I was led to believe it would take?

2. How is this extremely delayed process affecting my website's views and ranking on Search Engines?