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Started from nearly 2 months ago, when I'm trying to build a WebSocket connection with an IP address in Singapore, the connection would always be cut off immediately when it was established.


Observed from TcpView, I found that a connection with was the cause this issue--Each time the WebSocket connection was established, a connection with the above domain will appear and then my WebSocket connection is cut off.

And search from Google, I found this domain is one of GoDaddy's secure domain. So I thought it was because my IP is blacklisted by GoDaddy. However, when I was asking an unblock request through, I was told that my IP was not on the blacklist.


Did anyone suffer from a similar issue like this? Or anybody has some suggestions? ThanksTIM截图20180406174549.png

Community Team
Community Team

Hi @WillKeeper, have you tested the connection from another network to see if you get the same results?  If you can run a traceroute from the network that is having trouble and a traceroute from a successful connection you can reach out to our live support teams to have them reviewed.  Thanks.