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Can't download SSL Certificate

I have purchased an SSL certificate, and it has been issued. However, when I go to the certificate page to download it, the download button is greyed out. What am I missing? 



Was the certificate installed for you on your hosting plan? If that's the case you won't have the option to download the certificate. 



I've got Standard UCC SSL Certificate. Now I'm using 2 of 5 on GoDaddy. I want to download one of them and install it at another domain (VPS  - Plesk Admin Panel) . What should I do? 


This download links not helps me:


Do you know any solution?


Yes, I have the same issue.  I need to install cert on another server.

I have this exact same issue. I have a Standard UCC SSL Certificate. I am moving (upgrading) from GoDaddy shared hosting to a GoDaddy VPS. In the SSL manager the Download button is greyed out. Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 12.17.21 AM.png

Same issue here. I supposed to have 5 certificates, 1 of them is assigned to a godaddy hosted domain/website and I'd want to download the second one for a website hosted outside of godaddy.

I eventually figured it out. In WHM, Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request. Then go back to GoDaddy and re-key the certificate. Then wait for a while. Eventually the download button will become available. 

Hey all,


Wanted to check in as there seems to be some great content here and curious if you've been able to resolve the issue?  If not, if you can provide additional details to help us trouble shoot your issue, that would be great.  Happy to escalate, but will wait a few days for you to respond.


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I have exactly the same problem with my Delux (OV) SSL. I need to install it on Plesk on my GoDaddy VPS, but am unable to download the certifcate as the option is greyed out. Haven't been able to get any satisfaction from the support people with it unfortunately.

How long ~ is the wait?
I'm waiting for about 2 hours and it's still grayed out..



Same Problem here! I can't download SSL Certificated even it has issued. How can I know that my hosting is SSL enable? my domain and hosting are on godaddy. 

can anyone help me please?




Same problem.  And chat support has been offline all afternoon.  So I took the time and called for support on this issue, the call was answered, I was placed on hold.  Finally the phone rang and then they hung up on me.


Not only is there no answer to this question, support is not reachable.





I have web hosting at Go Daddy for some special stuff, but not www.  That's hosted elsewhere.  I also have a CRM system hosted elsewhere.  All sites need SSL and all have correctly working A records in Go Daddy DNS.  So I bought a GoDaddy wildcard SSL cert.  Because I have Go Daddy hosting, the cert was auto installed at Go Daddy and like others here, the option to download the keys/files is not available to me so that I can use them on the other non-Go-Daddy servers.  I have another "wildcard" cert with Go Daddy that was set up several years ago that works exactly as expected, download the files install on any server with the correct TDL, done.  I have not looked at the old cert. in several months, now I'm concerned.  I talked to support and the solution was to get a CSR from the non-Godaddy server and re-key using the CSR, but can I do that more than once for two (or more) servers?  This really needs to get fixed.  I don't understand the reason behind not allowing the files to be downloaded?  They are bought and paid for.

I wanted to reply here so others, like me, who end up here will understand what to do.  If you find you cannot download your multi server SSL certificate because the download button has been greyed out and your certificate was automatically applied to your GoDaddy services, here's what you need to know and do:


Historically when you purchased an SSL certificate, you downloaded it and installed it.  If your were installing it on a third party server, the whole process created several weak security points.  I suspect as a way to minimize the possible exposure points of the certificate and keys, GoDaddy put in place the current process.  Behind the scenes (If you have Godaddy services that use SSL like web hosting), GoDaddy generates the CSR, the needed files and installs the files on the correct server for you.  As a further security measure, the ability to download the files is then suspended.  However, if you are reading this, you probably have a good reason for wanting these files, like for additional servers.


To get the files you need you will have to generate a CSR on one of your servers or another computer using something like Open SSL.  If you have a Wild Card certificate, make sure you use something like ' *.<>  or *.<>, etc. when you generate the CSR.  You will need to answer a few questions.  When done, a signing request will be generated.  You will need the contents of that file in the next step.


Next go to the SSL management section of your GoDaddy account and click "Manage" next to the certificate you want to use.  Click on the "Re-Key" and cut and paste the results of the CSR above into the re-key request. Finish the process completely.


It may take a little time, especially if you have requested an EV, but you will eventually be able to download the files you need for installation into each of your servers using the "Download" button, previously greyed out.



This process will make the SSL certificate that was installed automatically by GoDaddy invalid in 72 hrs. so you have that much time to install the new files into GoDaddy using your c-panel or other processes.

Thank you for this.  Attempting to get the dumpster fire that is godaddy support to assist without paying extra is a winless task.


After trying to speak with 15+ reps we gave up and pulled all of our content for this client out of godaddy and over to a much more SSL friendly provider.

Thank you for this. I have a doubt on the last sentence.


"so you have that much time to install the new files into GoDaddy using your c-panel or other processes."


What are the steps if the main domain is managed hosting by GoDaddy and the subdomains are on external servers. Managed hosting will not allow us to update SSL 



This process will make the SSL certificate that was installed automatically by GoDaddy invalid in 72 hrs. so you have that much time to install the new files into GoDaddy using your c-panel or other processes."


But then this will revoke the certificate from godaddy hosted site right? I do not want that to happen. how can I download the wild card and use it on another server keeping the ssl intact on hosted environment as well?