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How to prevent Form being Secure and not process from a bot?

I have been managing a baseball league website for a year, and have decided to add a registration form to allow players to sign up from the website.  As with many security issues we seen in the digital world, I want to avoid forms being completed and processed from a bot.  I am looking at using something like reCAPTCHA to prevent this.  What is best way to do this?  Does GoDaddy have their own version?  This is preventing from going live with the registration form.



René Miranda
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Hey @MCBL2016Master, this will probably get moved to the Building and Managing a Website but I'm happy to try and answer it. Trust that you are not the only one with this issue, as bots get "smarter" it is increasingly difficult to secure forms. The good thing is programs like reCAPTCHA are doing a better job with the validation as well.


I like the new  reCAPTCHA, especially with their no CAPTCHA version that uses browser behavior and other checks to thwart bots. I would probably go to with reCAPTCHA but it depends on your website solution. Some forms you are using will have form validation built in. Hope that helps?

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