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Wildcard SSL

hi all,


can someone explain whats a wildcard ssl in daddys world? I cant seem to find how to generate or get one. does it mean that I have to buy a full subdomain certificate?

I noticed that my ssl was issued to, but some weird java check fails to see that its the same domain when running tried rekey the cert with a new cert request like daddy says (, but nothing happened, I got just another cert with www again.

Helper IV

@simakas - A wildcard SSL is a cert that covers all subdomains under the top level domain. For instance, it would cover as well as


I'm not sure about the GoDaddy SSL, but some SSLs will cover both the top level domain and www under the same single domain cert.






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Hi @simakas, thanks for posting.

A Wildcard SSL is a separate type of SSL. It covers the root domain name (domain.tld) as well as all subdomains of that domain (blog.domain.tld, email.domain.tld, etc.).

Our standard SSLs do not cover all subdomains, but do secure domain.tld and www.domain.tld.

If you have a standard SSL, you may want to double check the SSL installation/configuration. If the site is hosted through GoDaddy, you may want to contact support to have the SSL checked.


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