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i revoked my ssl certificate, does it mean i have to pay / buy new one?

so i have generate a CSR and i got my certificate file, and i have successfully setup SSL to my server,

but for some reason we decided to change the server (change server hosting, different IP, but same DNS), at first we tried to use previous certificate but without luck.


so we thought that, as we change our server, we need to a new generate CSR to get a new certificate, but the problem is, i can only have 1 certificate at one time? so i revoked previous certificate, i was thinking that i can generate a new CSR and get new certificate after i revoke the previous one, but after the previous certificate is revoked, as i open my go daddy account, i can't find manage option* under SSL tree??


Does it mean i have to buy a new one? i will be charged 1 more time?

i thought that by revoking previous certificate, i still can generate  a new one.

please advice, this is so confusing.

Former Employee

When you "revoke" a ssl certificate you are telling the system that you want to destroy and delete the certificate. Normally, you would go inside the ssl management area and hit another manage button near the download button and there is an option to "rekey". You will need to purchase a new certificate. I would call into our 24/7 support to ensure you get the correct type of ssl for the best pricing. Hopefully this helps!