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SmartLine problems with 2-step verification for security

I would like to use USB keys (YubiKey or Google Titan) to secure my Go Daddy account. This is the best possible security for highly sensitive information, like domain management and email, and should be recommended for everyone. However, when I make that the default for my Go Daddy account, I can't install the SmartLine app on my phone or tablet.


My configuration is probably typical. The USB key is the "preferred" 2-factor authentication type. I also have Google Authenticator and SMS configured as "backup" options. With this setup I can't get the SmartLine app installed. The SmartLine app screen says at the top "Google Authenticator required" which I have and is configured for my Go Daddy account, but when I enter the 6-digit code I get an error saying "Operation Failed. Bad arguments sent to API."


Instead of using the account ID/password to log in, the SmartLine app also has an option to send a code to my mobile phone. When I select that option I get a message saying that "Phone number not found or invalid US number." I have checked this several times and that phone number is definitely the mobile number associated with my Go Daddy account. It's a normal, US, Sprint cell phone number.


If I change the default 2-step authentication in my Go Daddy account to the Google Authenticator I can install the SmartLine app. This would be fine as a temporary setting to get the SmartLine app installed. But, when I reset the 2-step authentication for my account to use the USB key, then next time I open the SmartLine app it has logged out and I have to log back in again, which doesn't work with the USB key setting.


How do I get the SmartLine app installed with my preferred 2-factor authentication setting? (USB key)


Why isn't my mobile phone number recognized as a way to log in to the SmartLine app?


Advocate VII

Hi @rstoeber ,


Interesting question!  A while back I was using my SmartLine number as a test text number for SendInBlue.  It bounced as a non-reachable number.  Went through the same test list last night and the SmartLine received the text.  So, I've been a bit confused too!


Hopefully we can figure it out!


Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

Hi @JMPepper 


I haven't had any trouble with people unable to reach my SmartLine number either by text or phone. I also don't remember any automated systems that complained, at least over the past year or more. That was definitely a problem in the past when I was using Google Voice and RingCentral. Many automated systems wouldn't recognize those as valid mobile phone numbers.


The 2-factor authentication problem is really annoying. I can understand the logic behind forcing the app to log out when I change the "preferred" 2-step authentication method. But, if the app will only use the Google Authenticator, and I have that configured in my Go Daddy account, why isn't the app using that?


And the fact that the SmartLine app doesn't recognize my mobile number as a valid way to log in just seems like a bug.


I hope someone from tech support is reading these forums because I already tried the chat system for tech support and they didn't have a clue, even after it was passed up to higher levels.