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Text message does not work

Calling works with smartline but i cant receive or send text. When i try to send text through the app i get error “message failed to send. Tried rebooting the phone and reinstalling the app stil no fix

Product Team



Thanks for reaching out to us!


Please send me a private message with your SmartLine number and we'll look into your account.




I am also having a problem with spam text messages all coming from the same number 91593, but i can not text back "STOP"...and they are blowing up my line with texts several times a day. Is there any way i can block them?! Or be able to text them back to Unsubscribe from their list? I just get an error message when i try to text back. 

Hello @kmag1976


Thanks for reaching out to me!


Unfortunately we don't offer a way to block or reply to short codes yet.  We plan to in the future though.  One alternative is, if you're not attached to your current SmartLine #, you can cancel it and sign up for a different number.  


Let us know if you have any additional questions.




I am not receiving any text messages. It’s very important to my business that I get them.

Appreciate help please

Hello @BBMTX


Thanks for reaching out.


Please private message me your SmartLine number and we'll review your account.  Or for immediate assistance please call our US based 24/7 customer care at 480-463-8715.




I keep getting error failed when sending to US numbers.  I also am trying to call US numbers and it keeps saying Can only call US numbers.  Also, the original problem and still persiistent one is it keeps logging me out of Smartline for no reason?


I did everything support said 4 days ago; update IOS, reboot iphone, delete and download Smartline (3rd time in 1 month I've done this) to try to solve the logout and faiil to send text message.

This is my business line and I need a permanent fix.  Thanks!



Please private message me your SmartLine # and the number you're trying to text.  I can look at our logs to see what went wrong.


In our latest update 4.21.0 we released a potential fix for the auto sign out issue.




Tech support fixed it

Ronald Cooper, CPA

I am having same issue
Now sent to developors
Only text able to get is from tech support
How can I private message you

Today I activated the toll free service, downloaded the application, I can make and receive calls, but I can’t send and receive a text message. help, it is very important for my business.