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iPhone App Show New Notification After Viewing All Texts

My Smartline iPhone app shows the red notification badge when I receive a next text message (as it should). However, after all text messages are read, the badge remains there. The only way to get it to go away it to delete the text messages. There are many occasions that I do not want to delete the texts.


How can I fix this to reliably only show the notification badge when there are unread text messages?

Product Team

Hello @desertmoose9,


Thanks for reaching out!


We've noticed this annoying problem too!  We're on it and have a fix for it.  It should be released in our next update.  So keep an eye out for it.




Is there any fix for this yet? It is annoying to see the notification number on the app icon after everything has been viewed. I should not have to delete to have it zero out

I have the same issue and someone from technical support is blaming my iphone for the issue. Has this problem been fixed or how do I fix the issue?

@soccerplayer20 @Brandonsgarage 


One way to resolve this issue is sign out of the app and sign back in.


Let us know if that works.




I have to delete the app and red download. But this last time once logged
back in I had a bunch of new messages that were not loading in before.
Thank you
Brandon's Garage Doors
Brandon Oglesby

I have this happen all the time. It's super annoying. Only way I get it to go away is deleting the app