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Blacklisted "Related Posts" Managed Wordpress Plugins

Hi, I'm trying to install a "Related Posts"-type plugin on my Managed Wordpress domain, but most of them seem to be blacklisted:


Are there any that do work? The two suggested at that link don't seem to. Outbrain is dead as far as I can tell (doesn't show up when I search for plugins) and Jetpack requests a separate account, which I don't have.



Super User II


Yeah, they're blacklisted because by the very nature of what related posts plugins do they are resource hogs.   GoDaddy is not alone in having a list of plugins that are not allowed/approved on their platform. 


Unfortnatley, I am not aware of any related post plugins that don't slow down the preformance of the site. Maybe someone else will pipe-in with suggestions that they've tested without negative impact.


It's easy to setup a account just to use JetPack (which is made by and for WordPress) to give that a whirl.


 HTH! 😉

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