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Can't get to Dashboard of new sites under WordPress Multisite

I've been beating my head on a problem with Wordpress Multisite, and have failed to find a solution in the already posted messages here, in the FAQ, or in GoDaddy's help system.

The short version: when I try to go to the dashboard for any but my original WordPress web site (which uses the primary domain), I get an error page.

"The page isn’t redirecting properly

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies."


Long version: when I first moved my hosting to GoDaddy, I had multiple working HTML 2.0/3.0 sites; the file tree was pretty conventional, with index.html in the root directory and about 20 subdirectories. A few of those sudirectories contained other co-hosted sites, some of which were subdomain sites






and one of which had its own domain:




Everything was working fine at this point. Then, after using WordPress extensively for our high school robotics team website, I decided to use it to freshen my web sites. So I had Godaddy install WordPress for my hosting account. It installed it in:



with subdirectories



and so on.


I tackled my primary (professional) site first, developing it through the Dashboard while leaving the HTML 2/3 site up. When the WP site was ready, I set my primary domain to forward to The WP site has been working fine like that, and has been updated many times.


I decided to freshen my domain in the same way. I activated Multisite (editing the wp-config.php and other files as directed), and my Dashboard showed me the new network management tools. When I created the site using those tools; Wordpress insisted on the URL for the new site should be primarysite/wp/yorkship, and created that directory. It contains a single HTML file which creates a placeholder page.


The new site appears in my All Sites list in the Network Tools part of the Dashboard. When I click on Visit (which calls, I see the placeholder page. When I click on Dashboard (which calls to start creating and copying content, I get the error stated above.


Trying to troubleshoot this, I have since created (in the Network Dashboard) a new WP site for one of the old subdomain sites, and then a testsite unrelated to any existing HTML site. I can see these all in the Network Dashboard, accessed through the Dashboard of my primary domain and first WordPress port.


All three produce the same "The page isn’t redirecting properly" error page when I try to go to their Dashboards.However, when I try Visit, the subdomain site ( and the testsite ( show a simplified HTML version of a WordPress site (with some additional bullet lists which probably shouldn't be there). It's as if there's no theme.


However, as long as I am locked out of the Dashboard of all three sites, I'm unable to change that, or to proceed with the port of the old sites.


Any suggestions about what might be causing the redirect errors would be most welcome.






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Re: Can't get to Dashboard of new sites under WordPress Multisite



I'm not sure I completely follow what you are attempting to do here.... I'm going to give some notes based on what I think you are attempting to do.


1) The first thing is you don't want to be "forwarding" a domain to the WP directory - you need to configure the server so that the home directory for the domain IS the /wp directory


2) WordPress Multisite - I would be careful about using Multisite vs doing individual installs - While multisite will allow you to update / manage multiple sites I don't typically see it used for multiple clients.  


One thing to keep in mind is that it looks like you are using GoDaddy's cPanel server this puts all your sites into one "sandbox" and if a site does get compromised can allow all the site to be compromised . I suggest you may want to look at a VPS server where in that you have a cPanel account for each site and can give some additional security.




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Re: Can't get to Dashboard of new sites under WordPress Multisite

I appreciate your response. Let me try to clarify a couple of things so perhaps we can narrow down the areas I need to look at.

1) I'm not using cPanel, because I have Deluxe Windows hosting, not Linux hosting.


2) I am the only client--all of the sites I'm trying to work with are my own. One is my professional page, which I was able to move to WordPress without incident and is up and running as expected (except I need to tweak something so the three domains go directly to The others are affinity or hobby sites, with the highest priority being http//, which is still up and running as an HTML 2.0/3.0 site while I try to get traction on a WordPress replacement.



To your other points: from a workflow/management standpoint I like the elegance and simplicity of one login to one dashboard where I have the Network menu and access to all my sites. I know what that looks like already, since Multisite is activated, and I see how it should work. I suppose dropping Multisite and going to individual installs is an option, but I view it as a last resort.

In the meantime, my Network Dashboard shows the four WordPress sites I've nominally created, but only the primary,, is working properly  (that is, the Dashboard comes up, and Visit takes me to the working site).


The other three sites all return the "forwarding" error page I quoted previously when I try to call their Dashboards.


Clicking Visit for takes me to the default GoDaddy "something good's coming" page. Clicking Visit for the other two takes me to a weird HTML version of a WordPress Dashboard.


I want to be able to keep the HTML version of up while I work on the revamped port to WordPress offline/out of sight, and only flip the switch on retiring the former and activating the latter when finished. Perhaps that has led me into some sort of configuration error.

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Re: Can't get to Dashboard of new sites under WordPress Multisite



It's been a while since I've done WordPress admin on Windows and I've NEVER done multisite - that isn't to be said it can't be done but just that you might have some extra steps..... In general I do not recommend running WordPress on Windows (this is from personal experience) 


I'd have to log into the network to see some of the settings to see what might be going / look at your configuration settings


Did you add code to your web.config file to handle the redirect for each of the network sites ??


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Re: Can't get to Dashboard of new sites under WordPress Multisite

Hi @mikekmac ,


Not sure if this is the exact problem, but it is certainly a possibility.  WP has two ways to define multi-site. The first is "by folder" and the second is "by subdomain".  During the setup and installation if this is not correctly defined and mapped (key part of definition) then all sorts of permalinks and access paths are incorrectly referenced.  The really bad part about some of these mixed setups is some stuff looks like the site is working correctly.  


Anyways, just thought I'd put this in as a possibility.


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Re: Can't get to Dashboard of new sites under WordPress Multisite



I'm going to reiterate a couple of things that @PL281 and @JMPepper that are important in my mind.


  • As @PL281 says, it is not recommended from a WP site developer to run a WordPress install on a Windows environment. Yes, it'll work. Yes, it can even work well. However, WordPress was developed on Linux systems to work on Linux systems. 
  • Again, as @PL281, multisite can be a recipe for disaster. I understand you like the elegance of it all but when you lose all the info for all the sites because of one thing you forgot to update or pay attention to, that love affair will quickly fade. 
  • As @JMPepper states, it kind of sounds like your domain mapping is incorrect. That can be a nightmare and you couldn't pay me enough money to deal with it. This is yet another reason people frown on multisite WP installs. They're just bad juju waiting to happen.

TL;DR: WordPress on Windows bad. WordPress multisite bad. Make WP devs cry.

Best Regards,


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