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Easy Branding and marketing tip for the Asian Market

Often times, without realizing it, your site may be of interest and/or a solution of some sort, to an Asian based visitor. I found out that an easy first step is always adding the Translation widget to your front page.That is only a tiny first step. A great second move is to translate your Masthead or title into 2-3 native fonts such as mandarin, Japanese, and Korean script on Google translate. Cut and paste this native font into your header or hero widget and suddenly you have a very noticeable Flag for those Language speakers. Another benefit is by simply using the Native font of a foreign Visitor you have gained a level of loyalty and trust reputation just by using this welcoming font diversity. I pasted

 購入ビットコイン on my front page and increased my business considerably! The little touches count!

any other tips out there?

Community Manager

Great tips @Maui1111!! Thanks so much for posting them. I'm sure that other Community members will jump in over time and add more. Take care!


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