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Getting started as a reseller

 Hi all, our business is looking into getting into GoDaddy reselling. I have some questions before we begin though:

  1. If a customer wants to stop using us and go direct to GoDaddy, are they able to do that? Say for example if they expand massively and want to bring all of their IT in-house and skip us out.
  2. Is there a full pricing guide available for all reseller services? So, something where I can see email options and costs, hosting packages we can sell, DNS costs and renewal costs etc.?
  3. Assuming that e.g. if a customer's domain renews yearly, we still take a percentage of that renewal cost each time? And also that if for example, they host a Wordpress instance via us, we take a cut of the monthly cost every month indefinitely?
  4. If we move up from the 20% savings tier to the 40% savings tier (i.e. from basic to pro), do all of our existing accounts that we manage also get the 40% saving, or do they stay on the 20%? i.e. do only new accounts get the 40% saving?
  5. How long does it take to get set up and approved? 30 minutes? 2 weeks? We don't want to start paying for the service until our first customer requests it, so timing is of the essence.
  6. Is there a reseller support line? The team I got through to from the South African support number told me they don't do reseller support. They gave me the number +14805058877 to call, but I don't want to incur international calling charges every time I need support as a reseller.

I'd appreciate any info you guys can give me!



-Scott Edwards, Nudge Technologies

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Getting started as a reseller

HI @nudge. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I'll do my best to answer your questions. 


1. As a reseller, you would function as your own company/registrar. There isn't a direct way for a reseller customer to move to GoDaddy other than the same way they'd move to any other provider. 


2. We do have a good chunk of the buy rates for products here. Beyond that, you would need to contact our reseller department for more information. (480) 505-8857.


3. Domain registration and hosting plans with resellers offer the same options that GoDaddy does. This means your customers can register domains for one or multiple years at a time. Similarly, they can purchase other products/services for monthly or annual terms. The amount of profit you would make would depend on how you choose to price the products you sell. The frequency would depend on how long your customers purchase products for. 


4. The percentage you're referring to is related to buy rates. Buy rates are wholesale prices for the products or services you sell. You determine the retail prices for your customers, and the difference is your commission. For example, if the regular price of a product is $10, the Basic buy rate would be $8 and the Pro rate would be $6. 


5. Your site can be up an online as quickly as you can work. There isn't a verification process to become a reseller. When you log in to the Reseller Control Center for the first time, the Quick Setup Wizard helps you quickly set up your storefront. After you complete the steps in the Quick Setup Wizard, your storefront is live on the Internet. More information here


6. There is a support team for reseller owners, but we do not have an international number for them. However, our regular inbound agents should be able to transfer you to them. I'm sorry you weren't able to do this the last time you called. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

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