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HTTP ERROR 500 + Staging setup in progress


I can not access my website from last 3 days. first I was facing HTTP Error 500 then I applied staging to production to resolve the issue as the staging website was working fine. But now staging is stucked at 60% from last 2 days. Kindly resolve, I don't have international calling service available.

Getting Started

I have a similar error. I am not getting an HTTP 500 error on my live site.

However, I noticed upon logging into my GoDaddy Managed Wordpress Hosting product dashboard that I have Staging setup in progress which appears to be stuck at 60% (see screenshot).

The funny thing is - I never initiated a staging setup.

Has anyone experienced this lately?


Capture 1.PNG


Obtained support via chat.  Tier 1 support agent escalated the issue to Tier 2 support. Now fixed.

Community Manager

Thanks for letting us know @jayceezay! Would be great if you shared what our team recommended for you to do in order to get your issue fixed. It would be super helpful for others who may experience the same issue to see the solution. Thanks!


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